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Health, Dental Life and Disability Plans
For KPMA Members Only

  • Recruit and Retain Outstanding Employees with Affordable Benefits
  • Take Advantage of Rates Usually Only Offered to Large Companies

Can you afford not to offer benefits?

Rising wage pressures and a decreasing employment pool have accelerated the need for companies to offer a more comprehensive and affordable benefits package.

In addition to health plans—dental, life and disability plans are becoming increasingly popular as recruiting tools for those seeking employment.

The KPMA Health Benefit Plans can help your company provide benefits you can use as a recruiting tool, and retain the best employees—all at an affordable cost.

What are the KPMA Health Benefit Plans?

The KPMA Board of Directors took advantage of an opportunity to offer KPMA members a potential way to reduce benefit costs.  The KPMA Health Benefit Plans approved by the Board are for members of the KPMA exclusively.  You must be a current member of the KPMA.

Advantages of the KPMA Benefit Plans:

  1. As an association plan, the KPMA Plan uses “experience rating” instead of “community rating,” which is less costly 75% of the time.
  2. The KPMA plan is a large group plan that offers health, as well as dental, life and disability plans to its members, which could also save you money on premiums. Large group plans can offer significant savings over small group plans, generally 15% - 20%.
  3. Choose from many plan designs.  The KPMA Health Benefit Plans offer more than 20 plan designs…one of these plans will meet your employees’ needs and budget.

KPMA—Save Money, Offer Better Plans, Reduce Costs

Why not see if you can save money with insurance through the KPMA plans?  In addition to saving money, you could offer a better plan that can reduce out-of-pocket costs, including deductibles, co-pays and prescription drug costs.

Dental plans are provided by highly-rated carriers such as Delta Dental, Dental Select and Anthem, and can be designed to fit your company’s budget and employee needs.

Call John Glascock today at 502-292-2980 or 1-855-296-2980 for details.  You can also email John at to discuss details and the complete benefits of KPMA health, dental, life and disability plans for your employees.

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