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January 2019

                                                                                Letter From President

KPMA Members,
This is the year we are going to separate ourselves fiscally from the NPMA with us adding our first Executive Director, Melinda Howells. We believe we can better handle your money and do what is best for the KPMA.  We did not come to this decision easily and spent many hours and meetings to come to this conclusion.  After 10 years of hard work, we finalized the KPMA By-laws. Special thanks to Donnie Blake, Tony Bohnert, Chris Christensen, and Ray Hardebeck for their hard work on this committee. We will also be in charge of our new website where will be listing changes that are happening and keeping you up to date with changes in the industry. 

Health Department Says Mosquitoes with West Nile Virus Found in Kentucky

Fox 56


One Kentucky health department has announced it has found mosquitoes with West Nile virus.

WDRB reports the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness found mosquitoes in surveillance traps in three of the city's zip codes that were infected. Read more here.

Heat and Humidity Leading to Booming Spider Populations in Kentucky

By Andrea Walker, WKYT


With rainfall averages well above normal and temperatures on the rise, spider populations are booming in Kentucky.


According to Dr. Lee Townsend, an Entomologist at the University of Kentucky, insect and spider populations grow as the heat and humidity increases. But, just like humans, insects are trying to get indoors to beat the heat. Read more here.

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